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Outdoor Media Management System

Outdoor Media Management System

Municipal Corporation, Yamunanagar-Jagadhri in its endeavor to adopt a fair and transparent process for its users has started an online system to grant permissions, approvals and monitoring of outdoor advertisements. It shall prepare an Outdoor Media Master Plan for the areas that fall in the limits of Municipal Corporation, Yamunanagar-Jagadhri.

All the existing and proposed Outdoor Media Devices with their GPS coordinates shall be marked on the map of Yamunanagar-Jagadhri and the same shall be available on its website for the public. This shall help the advertisers and advertising agencies to plan and execute their advertising campaigns more effectively and efficiently.

The online system shall make the entire process and management of outdoor media more transparent and proficient. Clear guidelines shall ensure ease of application and approval process in a time bound manner. Regulation in Outdoor media shall result in better management of Outdoor Media devices at large. This online process shall help in determining the occupancy as well as available media options/ spaces quite easily across the city.

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